2. When we receive your order it is processed right in our workshop. Your order will be confirmed showing availability of requested styles and total cost of your order through Performa invoice. If and when you decide to make a purchase, we require shipping and billing information, your phone number, and your e-mail address in order to complete the transaction.

  3. Shipments, sent via surface/sea  to the consignee may take 25 to 30 days to arrive. If you would like speedier service, please request air shipment. We do not collect or purchase information about you from other companies or information sources. If we find there is a problem with your shipping address, we may consult public sources to verify our data. Usually we will contact you directly to obtain the correct information.,

  4. Payment:

    A) For initial orders, 100% advance through telegraphic transfer as per details will be given along with our proforma invoice.

    B) For bulk orders, 50% advance through telegraphic transfer and balance 50% on dispatch documents through bank.

    C)-100% through letter of credit.

  5. Breakage & theft: Alhough the products are packed very carefully to avoid breakage or any loss, but we are not responsible for any breakage or theft during transit. Our responsibility ceases after handover the consignment to the transporter/carrier.

  6. Change of Prices ,  The prices are subject to change without prior notice.

  7. We Reserve the Right To:
    A) Correct any price or other error and not be held liable to ship or sell an item if we decide a mistake has been made.
    B) Restrict the quantity of any item ordered.
    C) Refuse service to anyone

  8. We may amend our policy from time to time. Changes will be informed in advance and will become effective 15 days from the date of information.

Thank you ! for ordering to APS Enterprises (India). As a specialized manufacturer, we do appreciate your business!

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1- I received the goods 2 days ago, everything is OK and I congratulate you for the quality and packaging.......A valued buyer from France.

2- The order came thru good, I have 1/2 unpacked, thank you for the nicer quality. Thank you you are a very special person, A very special thank you for your effort to help get this order. Just a note to let you know the sand timers arrived. They are very nice. Thank you for the fast service......A valued buyer from USA.

3- We have unpacked most of your shipment and have already inspected and sold some of it, most recently the 3-legged desk compasses. I am told that the 3-legged desk compasses were good and nicely polished......A valued buyer from USA

4- Once again, thank you for the first samples and i´m really glad to tell you that our customers are very contented with appearance and quality of your products, So i´m sure, the next orders will not take very long time......A new buyer

5- I´m happy about our relationship and hope there will be a lot of business transactions more…Most important that our business relationship is working......A valued buyer from Germany

6- The above order was received yesterday some of the cartons had sustained some damage in transit but your excellent packaging appears to have prevented any damage the products look good. We are happy with the quality of the goods we have received…I am very pleased with the overall quality of your products……….A valued buyer from Australia

7- Anyhow we enjoyed the visit to you and your factory and your hospitality and we enjoyed also the other places we visited in India….We still have a very pleasant memory of the visit to you, your factory.....A valued buyer from Holland

8- The small brass pocket compasses were very good. If everything comes in that condition we should have no problems also I very much like the 'Larger' wooden box compasses that we just received. I want to order for future reference….. A valued buyer from US

9- We received the merchandise recently and in general, we're pleased with the quality and packing.....A valued buyer from USA

10- I have to say that your firm has impressed me as the best that I have dealt with at this point. You are the only one who sent a CD presentation. I can now look again at your products on that CD. You sent me good details of shipments. You answer all my questions and do so clearly.....A valued buyer from Australia

11- We received your shipment last week. The quality is to our full acceptance…as the packing from your side is ok.....A valued buyer from Denmark

12- Can I thank you for my shipment of nautical items, the quality is excellent many thanks....A valued buyer from U K